On April 26th I had the privilege to take part in The Netherlands very first King’s Day. Previously known as Queen’s Day (Koninginnedag), this day is a national holiday that celebrates the Dutch monarchy. The first Queen’s Day took place back in 1885 and honored the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina on August 31st. The date has shifted around, coinciding with different birthdays, but now it celebrates the recently inaugurated King Willem-Alexander (whose birthday is actually on April 27th, however with that falling on a Sunday this year the first King’s Day was celebrated the day before instead). Festivals are plentiful, orange is donned, DJ’s fill the streets with music – it’s quite the day! The night before is also considered “King’s Night,” so the excitement begins in the evening and lasts well into the next night. I had a great time harnessing my inner Dutchness, and loved being able to take part in this fun holiday!

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“I mean, I want to see. I want to see all I can every place there is to see.  My life carries eyes and they’re there for one reason.  To see through them.” -Bob Dylan