Day Trip to Den Haag

One thing that is becoming a hot topic of conversation between my fellow exchangers is how little we’ve all explored The Netherlands. We’ve all been here for 4+ months and still seen very little of this small country. It’s one of those things where you tell yourself that you have time. “I’m living here for five months, I have plenty of time to explore.” So you put it off until suddenly you’re down to your last few weeks and wouldn’t you know it, you don’t have time anymore.

To combat this two friends and I took a day trip to the political capital of The Netherlands, Den Haag, or The Hague. This city is the seat of the Dutch government, parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Council of State. It’s a little over three hours away by train, so we got in early in the afternoon and had a good nine hours of exploring time. Here are some of the things I saw

Vredespaleis – Peace Palace – International Court of Justice

IMG_4787 IMG_4789 IMG_4792

This is what my European friends call a skyscraper, got a kick out of that 😛

IMG_4770 IMG_4775

Lesley’s Memorial. In 2009 a young girl was fatally hit by a car while cycling through the city. Her bike was placed here in her honor.


I love buildings on water, so picturesque

IMG_4773 IMG_4783

We went to a museum called Humanity House. It was really neat, rather than simply walking through and reading facts this museum had what they call “the experience.” It was an interactive walk through what it’s like to flee from a natural disaster or war times and live as a refugee.

IMG_4816 IMG_4815 IMG_4814 IMG_4800 IMG_4801 IMG_4802 IMG_4806 IMG_4804

(There were three of us in this room, yet we are no where to be seen in the mirror)

IMG_4805 IMG_4807 IMG_4813 IMG_4817

And finally we topped of the day with a few hours at the beach


My first time seeing a jellyfish, and there were SOOO many!

IMG_4820 IMG_4823 IMG_4828 IMG_4839 (2) IMG_4843 (2) IMG_4844

It was a great day with great people, I loved seeing a little bit more of this country that has stolen my heart.

“If you’re 22, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel- as far and as widely as possible.  Sleep on floors if you have to.  Find out how other people live and eat and cook.  Learn from them- wherever you go.” -Anthony Bourdain



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