A True Groningen Experience Isn’t Complete Unless…

…you have your bike stolen. Guess that makes me a legitimate Groninger now?

My bike was stolen the other night in the city center while I was taking part in a Pub Quiz. Bike theft is a very, very common occurrence in Groningen. There’s a whole business behind it, people stealing bikes and reselling them. I’ve heard stories of people who had their bike stolen only to see someone else riding it a few days later. Often times the person riding it had just bought it off of someone else. On more than one occasion the “new owner” was kind enough to simply give the bike back to the victim. One time a guy had his bike stolen, went to purchase a new one, and the bike he went to purchase ended up being the one that had just been stolen from him. More often than not, however, people never see their bike again. I was so bummed when I walked out of the pub, went to where I had parked my bike, and found no remnants of it. I definitely had one of those “it won’t ever happen to me” mentalities. My bike had been properly locked with a really strong lock that you put between your wheel and frame, so the perpetrator had to have picked it up and carried it away. But, it happens. Yes I was bummed because not only am I out the money I spent on the bike, I also really loved my bike. However it’s just money, and it’s just a bike, worse things could happen. So when I got home I hastily checked the groups on Facebook where people post bikes for sale, got in contact with a girl, and bought a bike the following morning. I got two locks for this bike, so I am going to be sure to lock the wheel to the frame as well as lock my bike to something stationary like a pole or bike stand.

Goodbye old friend


Welcome my new mode of transportation


“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.” -Fitzhug Mallan

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