Selfies in Spain

This post is dedicated to the wonderful group of people I had the opportunity to travel to Spain with. This one’s for you, my dysfunctional pseudo-family

1920141_10153863241455626_573942834_n 72101_10153863244180626_1635384540_n 1098335_10153863241365626_426142661_n 1618623_10153863244325626_630173278_n 1779738_10153863244310626_1685007400_n 1780656_10153863241395626_1297796945_n 1796671_10153863244195626_1048909067_n 1798774_10153863241380626_280000814_n 1604504_10153863241470626_999546341_n 1901572_10153863241385626_1261047507_n 1911969_10153863244190626_1122606504_n 1912357_10153863241370626_1144868641_n 1959272_10153863241460626_2096422986_n 1977378_10153863244215626_1172501049_n IMG_2253 1977420_10153863244175626_1407535585_n 1982248_10153863244265626_498998602_n IMG_2522 IMG_1949 IMG_1989 1891191_10153863244200626_1227776658_n IMG_2036 IMG_2071 IMG_2252 IMG_2399 IMG_2441 IMG_2520

“To be treated well in places where you don’t expect to be treated well, to find things in common with people you thought previously you had very little in common with, that can’t be a bad thing.” -Anthony Bourdain

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