The Roof Over My Head

Here are the pictures of where I am living for just under five months 🙂

photo 2

Unpacking (FINALLY)

Unpacking chaos 3 Unpacking chaos Unpacking chaos 2

Bathroom. The pictures are deceiving, it is actually much dirtier than it appears. But there are two of these for the 15 rooms, 3 showers and 3 toilets.

Korno shower Korno Bathroom

Hallway, with the recycling out for the world to see.

Korno hallway Recycling clutter

Kitchen, again do not let this deceive you, doesn’t look this nice and clean in person 😉

Korno Kitchen Korno Kitchen 3 Korno Kitchen 2

My room all put together! I am actually really happy with my room, I have made it my own and it feels like home.

IMG_1632 IMG_1630 IMG_1629 IMG_1627

“Experience, travel- these are an education in themselves.” -Euripides



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