Ten Beds, Five bunks, Four Nights

Here are some pictures of the Bud Gett hostel where I stayed for four nights. I was very impressed by how nice and clean it was, and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed staying in the ten bed room. I wasn’t sure if that was they way to go when I booked my reservation, I highly considered a private room. However I am so glad I made the choice I did, it was a great way to meet people!

This is the view of most of the room, there are ten beds (all bunk beds). The beds were actually decently comfortable and I got lucky and didn’t have anyone above me the entire time. We had girls come in and out in the four days I was there, but not once did we have two people from the same country. Then you can see my bed (with my mass amounts of luggage) next to that are the lockers where I was able to lock up all of my valuables.

Hostel dorm My home for four days

Next is the bathroom, which theses pictures don’t quite do the exceedingly tiny size justice. The view of the shower is from as far back in the bathroom as I could get. The first picture that looks like where you would pull a seat liner from, that would be the flusher. Never seen one like it before, but they’re all the same here!

Flusher Shower Bathroom

Also known as the shower. There was another toilet and shower at the end of the hallway for all the rooms on the floor to use, so that helped out when needing to shower in a room of close to ten girls!

AKA shower

See that window there in the first picture? That’s a window I would pass by whenever I was walking to my room in the hostel. See that doorway and garbage in the next picture? That would be someone’s house. So these lucky fellows got to share a balcony with a hostel, found this quite interesting!

Bud Gett neighbor Bud Gett neighbor 2

Stay tuned for my next post where I fill you in on what I’ve been up to for the past few days, and a wrap up of my first week here!

 “Don’t be afraid that something happens to you. Be afraid that nothing happens to you. Nothing noteworthy or exciting or breathtaking. I’m more afraid of putting my dreams on a shelf and later realizing I’m too jaded or too tired to live them.” -We Are Sole Sisters


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