Kornoeljestraat – My New Home

Got my housing assignment!

I spent some time a few months ago looking for rooms on my own that students were renting out, which would have been ideal because they are generally inexpensive and I would have had the opportunity to live with Dutch students. However I wasn’t having much luck on that front and I didn’t want to run the risk of not having a place to live when I got there, so I went the safe route and applied for accomodation through the city’s housing office. This places me in international student housing.

I received my assignment yesterday and I must admit, I’m less than excited about where I’ve been placed. It’s more expensive than I would have liked, at €340, over $460 USD, a month it stretches my budget thin. The reviews I’ve read are not promising, people advising students not to stay there due to a lack of cleanliness and a cockroach problem. The upside is I do get my own room, and for my own feelings of security I am grateful for that. It is one of the only non smoking accomodations, which is an important factor for me. Plus, I will be living with people from all over the world, which will be a really cool experience in and of itself.

I’m trying to put it into perspective and recognize that this is all part of the experience, regardless of the conditions I will have a roof over my head while I am living in The Netherlands. THE NETHERLANDS. So although the clean freak inside of me doesn’t relish in the idea of living somewhere dirty, this experience is meant to take me out of my comfort zone. So here’s to jumping out of my comfort zone, I can’t wait to have this adventure continue to grow me!

19 days to go!

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for” – John A. Shedd

9 thoughts on “Kornoeljestraat – My New Home

  1. I did a semester abroad in Paris two summers ago and it was the best experience of my life, so I know it will be the same for you too! It was my first time being out of the country (aside from Toronto, Canada and Cancun, Mexico which I didn’t really count) so I felt way out of my comfort zone. But, that’s the best part! You’ll discover so much about yourself. Can’t wait to see how your adventure unfolds!

    • That is so great to hear! It is my first time out of the country as well, and I love hearing what great experiences people have had.

      • I only stayed in France and England, but if you want any info or advice I’ll be happy to help out a fellow traveler. I try to post as much as I can in the way of planning and tips and stuff, so check me out sometime! Best of luck! It’ll be awesome :]

      • Thank you so much! I’m going to take you up on that actually, as I want to travel around Europe while I’m studying abroad do you have any advice on the best/least expensive way to do that is? I’ve heard flying can be cheaper when travelling between countries in Europe

      • You’re welcome! I found flying was way cheaper than train travel: Norwegian airlines had such cheap fares! That’s what I used for most of my inter country traveling. Air Berlin was goon in and around Germany too.

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