Fundraising Goal

It has come to my attention that many of my friends and family are curious about how much money I am trying to raise. I intentionally left this out of my fundraising letters in the hopes of not putting any pressure on people to donate and leaving it up to them to give however they felt led to. However, I do understand the desire to know an amount and that it can be helpful when figuring out if/how much to give. Everyone who received a letter got a breakdown of my expenses, a few unexpected things have come up and the cost of my study abroad endeavor has increased. Along with these expenses:

Tuition: $4,400                   Books: $200        Airfare: $1,200                   Housing: $2,000

Student Visa: $415           Startup needs: $300        Food: $1,000      Travel Expenses: $1,500

Bicycle for transportation: $150                 Incidentals: $500

Totaling about $11,700

Other expenses have come up including:

  • Housing application fee and deposit: $875
  • International wire fees that cost $40 each time, two have been required so far and I anticipate one more costing me a total of $120

Bringing my new running total to about $12,660

I have anticipated for the conversion rate; The Netherlands currency is the Euro and currently the rate fluctuates between $1.33-$1.40 for every €1.

I will be attending a summer course at my university here in the US when I get back from my spring semester in The Netherlands which will cost me a little over $800 in tuition, so that is an expense I have to account for when planning my finances.

With my personal savings and the $2,750 I received in student loans I come up about $2,000 short of what I need. Therefore the amount I am trying to raise through the generosity of others and various fundraising opportunities is $2,000. It brings me much gratitude to be able to say I am already a quarter of the way to my goal, so in the next two and half months what I have left to raise is $1,500.

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in 20 seconds.  See the world.  It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in the factories.” -Ray Bradbury

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