Candy Corn Cupcakes

bake sale


My first fundraising venture was a success! My stepmom had a really good idea to make a dessert for her to sell at her job. So I made two dozen cupcakes and she set them out for donations with my fundraising flyer. $59.55 was my grand total, the ingredients cost me $5, so I came out earning $54! A big thank you to all of the air traffic controllers and FAA employees that donated, you’re making my dream a reality and I couldn’t do it without your generosity!

In the effort of transparency I have to admit that my initial intention was not to make candy corn cupcakes, it was to make candy corn cookies. For those who don’t know, homemaker is not a proper adjective to describe me; the kitchen is not my area of expertise. Keeping this in mind when trying to find something creative to make for my mini bake sale I made sure to pick a recipe that I deemed simple. I came across a recipe on the internet for candy corn cookies – all it called for was cake mix, frosting, and food coloring.  Simple enough even I could do it! Or so I thought. I quickly realized something was off when it came time for me to roll the dough into balls and drop them on a cookie sheet. My “dough” was far too liquid-y to be rolled into balls, so I double checked the recipe to see if I missed something and was sure I hadn’t so on I went. I plopped my “dough” onto the cookie sheet by the spoonful and stuck them in the oven, certain they would turn out once they were baked. After the allotted baking time I pulled my cookie sheet out of the oven to discover 16 yellow and white pancakes, not cookies. Again I read over the recipe and could not figure out what I had done wrong, so I enlisted the help of my sister to have a second look at the directions. Quickly she asks me “Did you put water in the mix?” Well yes, of course I did, that box told me to. Behold my downfall, one and a quarter cup of water.  I wasn’t supposed to follow the directions on the box, I was supposed to pay attention to the fact that the recipe told me what to put into the cake mix and it did not ask me to add water. Plan B went into effect and candy corn cupcakes they became, and pretty delicious candy corn cupcakes at that.

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.” Helen Keller

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