Neutral Expressions

My application has been submitted! September 4th was the big day; I received a call from the study abroad office letting me know the application for spring semester was ready so I got on that lickety-split. I went with the Netherlands for my second choice. I flipped a coin and it came out Australia, but I couldn’t get myself to put it down so I perceived that as my gut telling me the Netherlands was my #2. Along with the online application I also sent my transcript over as well as my application fee, so as far as I know I should have everything turned in and ready to be processed. As menial as it may seem, I was truly excited when I was finally able to submit my application. It’s been almost four months since I decided to pursue my dream and turning this in made me feel like I made tangible progress. Now we wait until mid-October to find out if/where I’m going!

I also made a budget for what I anticipate needing financially and how I am hoping to achieve that. Studying in another country for four months isn’t cheap, believe it or not, and it’s going to take much heavenly provision to get me there. I have estimated needing a little over $11,000 for all of my expenses while I am gone, but this is subject to change depending on where I go and what their advising office suggests. Besides draining my savings account and spending as little money as possible between now and January I have a few other avenues for funding I am shooting for. I qualified for a few thousand in student loans so I will be taking those out which will get me just shy of what I need for tuition. I have been hastily applying for scholarships and am praying to be blessed with some help there. I am in the process of writing a fundraising letter to send out to friends and family and will send that out as soon as I get the decision from the study abroad office. I would like to come up with a way to fundraise in addition to sending out letters, I lack creativity however so I am planning on asking my church for some ideas (again when I find out if got into the program).

Another box I can check off my to-do’s is getting my passport, I was able to accomplish that today. I had no idea you had to bring your own photo for your passport until I was reading the fine print of my passport application at work today, so I had to pay another $15 for them to take it at the post office. I suppose I was naïve to think that something required within your passport would come along with the cost of your passport itself. From asking around this seems to be common knowledge but for anyone reading this who is in the same boat as I was, now you know. But hey, at least they sent me home with my very own copy of this winning “neutral expression.”


“The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.” C.S. Lewis

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