The Why Behind the What

I am so taken by the idea of travel. I have been fortunate enough to hit a few destinations within the US growing up, but nothing has quenched my thirst to go beyond the land of the free. I grew up in a rather unique state with its own unique culture. Conservative to say the least, where I lived the majority of my life didn’t provide much for cultural diversity. I am considered, for lack of a better word, a minority here as I don’t belong to the dominant religion that runs the state. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I have had the privilege to grow up thanks to the people and the beauty within it; but it has forced me into a sort of naïve bubble I crave to break free from. There is a lot to be said in the value of traveling; to get a taste of people and places different from your own, experience cultures you would otherwise never know, and immerse yourself into a history you’ve only read about. Traveling opens your eyes to the world, forces you out of your comfort zone, and helps you grow into a better version of yourself. These are all things I strive to experience in my life; and what better way to start experiencing them than by studying abroad.

Going off to college is an eye opening experience in its own right, but it also provides so many opportunities that are hard to match any way else; one of those being to spend an extended amount of time in a foreign country while working towards your degree. Not only are you able to travel, you are able to truly experience what your destination offers. You aren’t just visiting; you are living there day in and day out while learning a new way of life. I can’t think of any better way to spend part of my college career than being educated through a once in a lifetime experience. I love being challenged to see things differently and I live for experiences that grow me as an individual. Through my study abroad endeavors I hope to gain an every growing insight into the world I am such a minute part in and a continued passion for adventure.

“Ones destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” –Henry Miller

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